This page collects information about partnerships entered into by the ECSEL JU. These partnerships are vital for the Joint Undertaking in executing its charter, and contribute greatly to the establishment of extended innovation networks within the remit of the ECSEL JU.



Memorandum of Understanding with the Regional Government of Carinthia, Austria.


Klagenfurt, Austria: September 16th 2015. Dr. Peter Kaiser (Governor of Carinthia)Dr. Gaby Schaunig (Vice Governor responsible for Innovation and Research) and DI Christian Benger (Regional Minister for SME and enterprises) together with the ECSEL JU's Executive Director Dr. Andreas Wild, signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will encourage extensive cooperation between the important electronics industrial players in the Carinthia region and their European partners, through coordinated activities in the context of the ECSEL JU.




From left to right: DI Christian Benger, Regional Minister for SME and enterprises; Dr. Gaby Schaunig, Vice Governor responsible for Innovation and Research; Dr. Andreas Wild, Executive Director, ECSEL JU; Dr. Peter Kaiser, Governor of Carinthia.


The representative of the responsible Austrian National ministry and Lead-delegate for Austria on the ECSEL Governing Board, Michael Wiesmüller of BMVIT, was sadly unable to attend, but did forward a message that was read out at the ceremony.


The Memorandum of Understanding (in German and English) as well as the message from Mr. Wiesmüller and a press release issued after the event, are available for download below.


Memorandum of Understanding (English)  
Absichtserklärung (Deutsch)  
Message from / Botschaft von Michael Wiesmüller  
Press Release (EN and DE)  





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