Dissemination Support

ECSEL JU is dedicated to helping ECSEL funded projects disseminate information about their goals and their activities.


Example poster


For each ECSEL Project, ECSEL JU Office will create the digital layouts of:


-          A project flyer

-          A project poster

-          An entry in the ECSEL JU Web-site, under “Projects and Partners”.


The project flyer is available to the consortium in a (.pdf) format suitable for printingat their own expense, if they desire, and in a format for direct viewing. One copy of the project poster will be printed by ECSEL JU (A0 or B0 format) for use at community project exhibition events. The digital file is available to the coordinator in case more copies of the poster are needed.


We use a standard layout form for these items, and the text, diagrams and other illustrations provided to us by the project should be considered to fit this format. The text of the introductory paragraphs will be redacted by ECSEL JU to target “an informed but non-specialist audience”, while the technical details will be language-checked/corrected only. Coordinators may add additional posters for specific purposes, of course, but the one “official” JU poster should always be presented at public events.



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