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ECSEL Stakeholders’ Forum 2015


The first ECSEL Stakeholders’ Forum took place in Graz, Austria, on September 18th 2015. The Forum is organised by the ECSEL JU’s “Private Members Board”, to assure engagement of the stakeholders in ECSEL JU in an open and transparent way.



The event was preceded by a “working dinner”, at the request of the new Governing Board chairman Andrea Cuomo. This was to do some preparatory thinking around “Flagships”, a working title for some key elements of the programme that can provide clear guidance and inspiration to the RD&I community, on topics with direct industrial relevance and impact in the relatively short term.


High-level executives of some of Europe’s leading companies provided visionary inputs on their specific domains (Health systems, Automotive electronics, Aerospace, Smart Grids for Energy and “Challenges of the Internet of Things“), giving clear confirmation of the importance of ECS for their businesses, and also that “Flagships” could address some of their expressed needs. They also clearly confirmed the relevance of the current Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) of ECSEL.


The European Commission and the Public Authorities board of ECSEL, through their chairman, also provided viewpoints from the public sector. They confirmed that the approach is fully in line with the Commission's Digital Single Market "digitisation of industry strategy", reminded ECSEL to take a clear message from the ELG roadmap and implementation plan (in particular, Supply-Demand interaction) and also to seek benefits from the EU investment packages, including Structural funds, particularly bringing in users and SMEs. They emphasised the common aim to enhance the impact of ECSEL, while recognising the challenges of the mission to bring together competences, both in technology and applications so as to remain at the forefront of global competition, stating that the “Flagships” should create the framework for a coherent set of project initiatives which ECSEL can accommodate.



The Stakeholders’ Forum itself saw the presentation of some 8 ideas for implementations of “Flagships”, leading to a lively discussion on both the content and the form they could take. The outcome of this discussion will be taken on board by the PMB in its further work on proposing the technical programme for ECSEL JU. The Forum finished with a presentation and interactive discussion around each of the chapters of the strategic programme to be proposed for the ECSEL JU Calls of 2016, already showing that the messages of the Working Dinner and suggestions around “Flagships” were inherent in the programme under preparation.


Presentations from the Forum are available to participants and members of the Private Members Board Associations via the following page (login required: please contact AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA or EPoSS for more information. Links to these Associations' web-sites.).


Access the Presentations Here (requires password): Forum Presentations-SHF2015



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