2016 Upcoming Events

Brokerage Event - SSI - Smart System Integration
Brussels 20 JANUARY
ECSEL Brokerage Event for the Calls of 2016

The event is an opportunity to learn more about the upcoming Calls for Proposals, as well as to meet consortium partners and draft project ideas.

Strasbourg 27 to 28 January 2016
ARTEMIS Spring Event

This year, the ARTEMIS Industry Association organises the seventh edition of the ARTEMIS Spring Event in Vienna, Austria. The event is co-located with the CPS Week, which will take place from 11-14 April 2016 in the Hofburg Palace. 

Hofburg Palace, Vienna 13 – 14 April 2016
ECSEL Call Forum 2016

In addition to providing detailed updates on the 2016 Calls, the ECSEL Call Forum is designed to stimulate networking among prospective project partners, giving opportunity to refine proposals, engage new partners and seek advice on the submission process to ECSEL experts at first hand.

Brussels 3 MAY
Leuven 10-12 MAY

Design, Test, Integration & Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS.

Budapest 30 May - 2 June 2016

The 3rd International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence focuses on integration of new, intelligent functionalities into materials, components, systems and products to enable future technologies with enhanced capabilities. The conference provides a forum for academia and industry (Scope).

Smart Anything Everywhere Workshop

Enhancing digital transformation in European SMEs

Hotel and Congress Centre Bedford, Brussels June 13th

On 15 and 16 June, the ARTEMIS project CRYSTAL will host its final dissemination event in Madrid, Spain, in conjunction with 5th European Conference on Interoperability for Embedded Systems Development Environments. The goal of this event is to present the achieved results in the project regarding sustainable interoperability for embedded systems development environments.

Paderborn 13-15 JUN 2016

in conjunction with 5th European Conference on Interoperability for Embedded Systems Development Environments.

Madrid 15-16 JUNE 2016
DTC Conference

The European Nanoelectronics Applications, Design & Technology Conference will focus on electronic components, electronic system design, design automation and manufacturing topics related to Micro- and Nano- Electronics. Latest results and exciting highlights from mainly CATRENE, PENTA, ECSEL/ENIAC, and H2020 projects will form the subjects of this conference.

MINATEC, Grenoble 20-21 June 2016
Interactive conference on technological solutions for better quality of life

During this networking conference, organised by SIRRIS, industry representatives and tech experts from the health & well-being, entertainment and sports sectors will demonstrate how their solutions contribute to better quality of life and discuss some of the challenges to come. ECSEL/ARTEMIS projects DEWI and With-me will participate in the event.

Diamant Building, Bd. A. Reyerslaan 80, BE-1030 Brussels 28th June
Workshop on opportunities for dual-use technologies: Components

The security and non-dependence of the supply of specific electronic components are major concerns for Europe. Research and Innovation programmes run by the European Commission (EC), ECSEL JU and the European Defence Agency (EDA) address technologies in areas such as sensors, new materials and advanced digital systems. This workshop will focus on dual-use of electronic component technologies.


A report on the procedings is now available on the event web-site page here. 

Avenue Beaulieau 25, room S1, Brussels, Belgium 28th June
Eurosensors 2016
Budapest September 4 to 7

European forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in solid-state devices and circuits.

Lauzanne September 12th to 15th
EC - ICT Proposers' Day 2016

A networking event promoting European ICT Research & Innovation and focusing on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2016-17


Bratislava September 27th to 28th
ARTEMIS Pre-Brokerage

Pre-Brokerage for the Embedded Intelligence part of the calls within the H2020 programme, including the ECSEL,  to help with the drafting of project proposals and finding consortium partners.

Madrid October 4th to 5th
ARTEMIS Technology Conference

With a focus on deep technological presentations, both on project achievements and state-of-the-art Embedded Intelligence technology

Madrid October 4th to 6th
European Week of Regions and Cities

‘Regions and cities for sustainable and inclusive growth’ - ECSEL JU participating in the session "Enhance Regional Innovation and Growth: possibilities for integrated funding through regional cooperation with Joint

Undertakings (JUs)" on Oct. 11th.

Brussels October 10th to 13th

Bridging the Gap between Research and Applications: Smart Systems Interconnected

Lecce October 13th to 14th
ECSEL Stakeholder Forum 2016

   Registrations now open! Go to the registrations page for details.

Brussels 19th and 20th October 2016

Bringing together stakeholders from industry, academia and governments to share of knowledge and ideas concerning the future of road mobility.

Brussels October 19th
AENEAS Consortium Building Days 2016

Building partnerships along the Electronics Value Chain independent of the potential funding tool.

Rome November 22nd to 23th
European Nanoelectronics Forum

Co-located with the AENEAS Brokerage Event.

Rome November 23rd to 24th
H2020 Info Day

Information on FOF 12, ICT 5 and ICT 31:

- ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMES (I4MS)

- Customised and low energy computing

- Micro- and nanoelectronics technologies.


Learn about the H2020 calls, present proposal ideass and network with other participants.It will be possible to pose questions to Commission staff about proposal ideas. REGISTRATION HERE.

Brussels December 2nd 2016
The 2016 European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing

The event is organised by DG CONNECT of the European Commission in cooperation with the European Parliament and the European Committee of the Regions

Brussels December 5th to 8th
International Congress CESIS - Global Internet of Things

CESIS 2016 is the new VDI congress addressing business strategies and visions related to Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things.

Berlin December 13th to 14th

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