CALLS 2014


ECSEL is a partnership between the private and the public sectors for advancing the state-of-the art in electronic components and systems.

The ECSEL Joint Undertaking is established within the meaning of Article 187 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union for the implementation of the Joint Technology Initiative on 'Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership' for a period up to 31 December 2024.

The ECSEL Joint Undertaking has legal personality: it is established by Council Regulation which can be downloaded here.


ECSEL JU opens two concurrent Calls in 2014


Full details of the topics open for proposals, terms and conditions for participation and funding budgets are available in the ECSEL JU Work Plan 2014.


The topics for all Calls are described in the ECSEL Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP), document ECSEL-GB-2014.06. This can be downloaded here: ECSEL MASP 2014. (Note that the calls in 2014 do not address the "Excellence and competence centres” and the "Innovation support actions”).


Total indicative budget to be contributed by the ECSEL Participating States* in 2014: 126.01 M€ (view detailed budgets for: ECSEL-2014-1, ECSEL-2014-2).






at 17:00:00 Brussels time on 17 September 2014






USE the appropriate SEP link/system to submit the proposals

  • The participants are strongly advised to carefully check the link before starting the submission process to make sure their proposal is submitted in the correct call: proposals for the "normal" call (i.e. TRL 2-5) in the Call ECSEL 2014-1 RIA and proposals for the "pilot lines" call (i.e. TRL 4-8) in the Call ECSEL 2014-2. It is not possible at any time to transfer proposals from one call to another and in case a proposal was submitted in the wrong call the whole submission process must be restarted from scratch in the correct call.


Password for the Part C

  • The Part(s) C require en encryption/password provided by the ECSEL JU office. The participants are kindly reminded to email the ECSEL JU office to get the password ( )

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