Proposers must refer to ECSEL JU Work Plan 2014 and ECSEL MASP 2014 in their proposals and must describe their proposal using the Part B template (MSWord) of ECSEL-JU.


RIA differs from the IA in the technology readiness level focus and, therefore, in the applicable reimbursement rates. For funding rates of the RIA and IA but also for the national contribution please refer to the ECSEL JU Work Plan 2014.

ECSEL JU will accept proposals containing cost items contributing towards the milestones and deliverables of the Action that are independently funded by other European sources.


Proposers must contact the National Funding Authorities (refer to the National contact points for the ECSEL programme in Annex G of the Work Plan) in their own countries before submitting the proposals to check their eligibility and conditions for receiving national funding.


In order to submit a project proposal, proposers must use the on-line tools provided for this purpose by the European Commission through its "Participant Portal”, which can be accessed through the Call pages: ECSEL-2014-1 or ECSEL-2014- 2.



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