Multi-Annual Strategic Plan

Recognising the opportunities for industrial growth offered by the challenges faced by society today, the ECSEL “Multi-Annual Strategic Plan” offers a market-facing Research and Innovation programme for ECS technologies that provides the “Smarts” behind the applications that can help to address these challenges.





 INNOVATION DRIVERS – Application Pull / Technology Push


The ECSEL Joint Undertaking programme has implemented the combined market-pull-supply-drive strategy described by the Electronic Leaders Group, taking the opportunities created by the societal challenges for solutions based on ECS as key application drivers with the latent technology push identified by the key industrial and academic stakeholders


Part A – Key Applications


  1.   Smart Mobility


Improve air quality, reduce congestion, sustain mobility for the elder generation and excel towards accident free mobility


  2.   Smart Society


Intelligent, secure and easy-to-use solutions for digital inclusion, guaranteeing citizen privacy and reaching broad acceptance in the public


  3.   Smart Energy


Sustainable energy generation and conversion, reducing energy consumption, efficient community energy management


  4.   Smart Health


Support for affordable care and well-being at home, abroad and in hospitals; heuristic care; food processing; and food safety


  5.   Smart Production


Manufacturing and process automation and new manufacturing and process technologies enabled by advanced electronics systems.


Part B – Essential Capabilities


  1. Semiconductor Process, Equipment, and Materials


Leadership in processing know-how for advanced and beyond CMOS (More Moore, MM), heterogeneous (More than Moore, MtM) and System in Package (SiP) technologies


  2.   Design Technologies


Methods and tools to efficiently transform ideas and requirements into innovative, manufacturable, and testable products at all levels in the value chain


  3.   Cyber-Physical Systems


 Intelligent ICT systems that are interconnected, collaborative, autonomous and provide computing and communication, monitoring and control of physical components or processes


  4.   Smart Systems Integration


SSI addresses heterogeneous 3D integration of new building blocks for sensing, processing, actuating, networking, energy scavenging and management. 


5. Safety and Security.


Dependability Safety (absence of catastrophic consequences) and Security (protection from harm). It is measured against: Availability - readiness for correct service; Reliability - continuity of correct service; Maintainability - ability to undergo modifications and repairs; and Integrity - absence of improper system alterations.




 FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: the Tri-partite funding model






ECSEL complements other European instruments for funding of R&D projects. In addition to a market-facing programme, it provides combined funding from National / Regional authorities and from the EU (via Horizon 2020, with capability to include “structural funds” via ESIF/ERDF). This approach efficiently leverages matching investments from the R&D actors, augmenting Europe’s industrial innovation capacity. ECSEL JU will offer two main funding instruments that projects may call upon:


–  Innovation Actions

  • Large-scale, integrating projects;
  • Pilot lines and test beds, large demonstrators and zones of full-scale testing;
  • Specifically include higher TRLs (4 to 8).


–  Research and Innovation Actions

  • RD&I projects that should not work in isolation but cluster with other ECSEL actions;
  • Typically addressing lower TRLs (2 to 5).






ECSEL JU will strengthen European global competitiveness, both of its electronics industries and of industries that rely upon electronics to further their innovation potential by offering:

  • A PPP model with tri-partite funding;
  • Market-facing programmes supporting major initiatives;
  • A rich strategic plan that will encourage impactful projects and pilots in a programme embracing the whole ECS value-chain.




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